Top or Bottom by Country: How do you perform?

Posted on November 28 2013

Since launching the Identity underwear with the words ‘bottom', 'versatile' or ‘active’ clearly visible on the waistband, British brand Curbwear has gained a good insight to a persons preferred sexual position.

"It’s been received really well, if you pardon the pun” says brand owner Kevin Cheesman.  “ Right from the beginning there was a lot of interest, including a feature by Huffington Post which also highlighted translation differences”.  

The translation differences refer to the brands use of ‘Active’ which is more widley used in Europe compared to ’Top’ in North America.  Curbwear have confirmed the release of a ‘Top’ version as well as a “cheeky forth option” come mid-December.

For now, check out the top 8 stats below to see how you match up in your area and other countries you plan to visit.

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