Top 15 most liked Instagram photos

Posted on December 30 2014


See the Top 15 most liked Instagram photos from 2014.  On Instagram? Follow curbwear

1.Blow Bus - did you notice the bus in the background? Genius!

 2. Smile - sometimes just a simple smile is enough to get a grr!

3. Selfie Andrew - an early fan of curbwear, his selfies were larger then life!

4. Joint Fourth - Is that really a guy in his undies on the Tube? Yes, it is!

5. Jack the Lad - shot by GD Photoarts, Jack has one of those 'I don't know just how sexy I am' innocent kind of face

6. Giving and Receiving - we loved this shot! But just who was this guy? We'd love to see more of him!

7. All Aboard - Ben's double decker bus journey almost stopped an unstoppable city!

8. Blow Me - screen shot, this was Ben's second time at wearing a jock


9. Hotel Luggage stand - an impressive use of a hotel room!

10. Ben - a builder during the day, can you believe how natural Ben is in front a camera?


11. Those eyes - that chest, that face.

12. Tobi - this guys is bouncing with energy! His first shoot, Tobi treated everyone to a helicopter dance during underwear changes

 13. Ben goes underground - that one moment you don't mind the train carriage being busy 

14. Hulk - Ben tried on the hulk gloves Tobi wore.  The comparison between the 2 guys is summed up in this pic!

 15. Cup of tea? See more Instagram pics here >>

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