April Guys

Posted on April 21 2018

April Guys

Spring is in the air, the evenings are getting longer, things are heating up! April Guys 🌞

The Italian Aussie

Dan from Brisbane...yep, and he can cook as well ❤️Instagram: @eastersharks

The Texan Hottie

One of firm favs (there are more pics on the blog here), enjoy this sunny view from his home in London. Instagram: @acmorrill

We need to talk about Kevin 👀

Kevin shot on the Canary Islands by one of our favourite photographers Adrián C. Martín Instagram: @_kevindlacruz

Some guys just look naughty...

Orson Deane shot by Tom Dingley in the ID Code Mesh Jock Instagram: @orsondeane

We love this!

Gay Men's Dance Company (or #GMDC) had their Birthday Gala on the 14th April, here's a pic backstage of just some of the 100's of guys that performed. Photo: @paulovaa Instagram: @thegmdc

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