Are you ready to Jump? (6 benefits of jumping)

Posted on April 02 2020

Are you ready to Jump? (6 benefits of jumping)


As many of us continue to remain at home during the Coronavirus, we can become a little less active without our normal daily routine to keep us moving.

We've already shared James's excellent at home workout, but did you know something as simple as a jump can have so many health benefits? It's also great fun, makes you smile and is perfect to do just in your undies! Jump on the spot, do a jumping jack or grab a jump rope, just get jumping!

1. Improves Coordination.

Jumping is all about coordinating your limb movements with the jumps. This helps develop a better sense of timing and balance as your limbs and brain coordinate.

2. It feels good.

When you jump and move your hands up and down, the feel good hormone serotonin is released. This mixed with adrenaline gives you a little rush of excitement!

3. Firms and Tones.

Jumping builds upper body and lower body strength and burns nearly three times more calories compared to walking.

4. No gym needed.

Now this is the best bit, you can jump whenever and wherever you like, even in just your underpants!

5. Whole body workout.

As you jump, you engage many different muscle groups making it an excellent way to workout your whole body.

6. Feel more energised.

Jumping increases the oxygen circulation in the body, which can help you feel more recharged and refreshed. It can also help to strengthen every cell in the body.

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