October Round-Up (6 things that happened)

Posted on October 25 2019

October Round-Up (6 things that happened)

October is nearly over, so we're taking a quick look back at what happened this month.

1. Adam Coussins sent us a selfie 🥰

We've had a crush on straight lad Adam for a few years, so we're super excited to see him post a selfie on Instagram wearing the Chelsea Navy brief. You can see more of this Derby Dad on his IG profile here.

2. New Samples Arriving 🆕

OK, not a lot to see yet, but don't worry everything is busy in the background getting the new ranges ready for you this November. As a little teaser, new socks, new shorts, more hipsters and a thong are all coming.

3. Sean possibly got even hairier 🐻

Is it possible? Yes! Compare these pics from 2018 to 2019. Grrr 😛Keep up with all his hairy antics on his Instagram profile here.

4. Eco-Packaging roll out ♻️

If you've ordered from us before, you'll be familiar with our cardboard boxes and metallic bags. The foil bags have always been recyclable, but this might not seem obvious to everyone, so we decided to switch to paper bags. Our cardboard boxes and postcards can all be recycled, though we would like to think you keep the postcards somewhere special 😉

5. The Calendar Boys are back!

Last years 2019 Calendar was gone before 2019 had even started ! We got a cheeky little reminder early in October from one of our customers called Graham, so we cracked on and launched the 2020 Calendar.

6. Chelsea Navy Brief sales have crossed over 3.5k pairs! 😍

Just this one item, launched in 2014, has now sold more than 3.5k pairs making it our most popular brief. Thank you! Selfies below: Greg, Kevin, Jose

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