Find your best enhancing underwear

Posted on September 02 2017

enhancing underwear guide

Enhancing underwear is a great way to boost your pouch. And it doesn't need to be uncomfortable or complicated! Use our simple guide to help find your best pouch boosting underwear.

1. The Classic : Wants to look bigger with a natural looking bulge 

2. The Crowd Pleaser: Wants a lo-rise, attention grabbing boost

mens lo-rise enhancing underwear

3. The Give Me More: Wants to impress with an eye catching boost

curbwear mens underwear bulge enhancing

Men & Underwear Blog. Read the full review here >>

4. The Smart Look : Taller waistband plus a natural looking bulge 

curbwear smart underwear


5. For Everyone: Inside pocket to lift with a regular pouch fit


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