Bedtime Stories 💤

Posted on November 10 2020

Bedtime Stories 💤


We go 'under cover' and take a look at guys in bed wearing Curbwear undies! So grab your phone and join us under the sheets for your bedtime story.

1. Is he as innocent as he looks? 😇

2. Mr Active in bed (shot by Gavin H)

3. Daddy's waiting 🐻 (shot by skinmages2.0)

4. Shot in Paris, I think we've seen the best sights 🇫🇷 (by GD Photoarts)

5. Someone to top and tail with in bed (shot by Boy Culture)

6. You can leave your socks on (by Cenk)

7. Can you pluck this instrument? (see more of Shwe)

8. Look who's back on top (Austin Armacost

9. Colorado Boy, Brett. Shot by Drew at Skinmages2.0

10. That cheeky look means trouble 🙈 Sean

11. Something tells me this would be anything but chilled 😈 

12. What a great bed knob 🦊 James

13. How would you wake up Scott? Shot by Karl Slater

14. What is it with boys and their phones? 💙 Ben 💙

15. This could be fun 😛 See Aidan's bum pic

16. An inviting bed spread. See Max's pics.

Bonus Pic - another look at the sights in Paris 🇫🇷

See more of Thomas by GD Photoarts


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