Looking at Luke: Illustrator Luke Thornhill

Posted on June 22 2017

Looking at Luke: Illustrator Luke Thornhill


We catch up with Luke Thornhill, a graphic designer and illustrator living in London, to ask him a few questions about his work and his favourite choice in undies.

You recently did some illustrations for Curbwear. Describe your style of illustrating. 

Queer pop art. I love colour so I tend to use a lot of bold colours that catch the eye. 

So how did you get into illustrating? 

I grew up painting and drawing so being an illustrator isn't that new to me. I did fashion at university so I was always illustrating garments, then after university I went into Graphic Designer but I started drawing in my spare time and soon realised I could make a career out of it... well attempt to.


When starting a new idea, what do you pick up first, a pencil or straight to digital?

It depends. When I go into a big project then I sketch first on paper, then take it to digital but if I'm doing a quick sketch then I'll more than likely just go straight to digital. 


You’ve drawn a lot of hot guys! What’s your favourite part of a guy to draw?

It's a toss up between the ass or the bulge... in a non pervy way of course 👼

Tell us more about the CensorThisDick project.

The activity book came around whilst I was on a bus with steamy windows. Like any adult, I was drawing dicks on the window and my friend kept turning them into cats. Then a few months later I made a little book full of dicks for her to censor and suddenly lots of people were asking for one so I decided to make the Censor This Dick book.


You occasionally post a selfie on Instagram or Twitter, which gets a great reaction from your fans. Any plans to illustrate one of your undie selfies?! 

Ha, no plans as of yet. I hate drawing myself. Looking at yourself in so much detail just makes you focus more on your faults so I tend to just illustrate other people. 

Finally, are you a brief, jock, trunk or other kinda guy?

Jock, easily. Though they're not always appropriate so when I'm not in a jock then I'm in briefs. I like underwear that cups my junk. If my bulge is on point then I feel confident. 

Check out more of Luke's work here on his website or follow him on his Instagram account

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