September Guys

Posted on September 17 2021

September Guys


Ready to fall for these September guys? See what's dropping this autumn aka guy wise 🍁

Luke Duberry, follow

He's telling us to ignore his messy bed...we are 😜

Colbert Littlelegs, follow

Art, fetish and fitness

Indian Men Online, follow

Time to enjoy the great outdoors

Tom, follow

Classic white sock boy ❤️

Taofique, follow

Pride Ready 🏳️‍🌈

Adrian C Martin, follow

Our favourite photographer, introduces new guys this month

Colorado boy, follow

Never afraid to get wet... especially in white briefs 😛

Darren, follow

Cute and furry...anyone for a cuddle? 🐻

Pakz, follow

Crown and Glory.. shot in Central London 👑

Greg, follow

Someone who just oozes a natural sexiness 🐯

Tomaz, follow

If you like furry, click his link 🐻 ↖️

Dan, follow

Just put your lips together and ____ 🌬



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