Posted: Mar 01 2018
by: Curb Wear

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Most Watched - Top 7 Curbwear Video's

To celebrate nearly 2 million views on YouTube, we're looking back at our most watched videos...and yes, it really was as much fun to film as it looks! Enjoy and thanks for watching.

7. Top Deck

We simply got on a double decker bus and went around central London grabbing a lot of attention along the way! This short clip focuses on the bumpy journey with Ben climbing the steps to the top deck.

6. Getting Naked in Public

After shooting the London Underground video, a lot of people asked "how did you manage to film that?!" Here is our cheeky answer to how to get naked in public.

5. Reaction to a Jock

This was Ben's first time shooting and his first time trying on a jockstrap. We captured Ben's typical coy and calm reaction.

4. Model Ben

Always popular, this 1 minute behind the scenes video was shot in 2017 at the studio and on location. Included is the bedroom shot, with posters of Ben's past shoots.

3. Bulges, Shakes and Wiggles

There is always some shaking going on in a shoot, especially with Tobi. In this 1 minute video we compiled all the best bits of shaking and wiggling bulges.

2. Underwear on the Underground

One of our first ever videos... that also went viral, getting picked up by the Huffington Post. It was fun to shoot and launched the Identity underwear range.

1. West End Bares

A look behind the scenes on the photoshoot for the UK charity West End Bares. The theme was "Excalibur" which showcased the Crown range perfectly.

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