WIN! Can you spot all 5 differences? (FINISHED)

Posted on February 11 2022

WIN! Can you spot all 5 differences? (FINISHED)


* This competition has now ended and 2 winners picked *


Spot the 5 differences in the photo below for a chance to win a pair of briefs and 2022 Calendar. All you need to do is study two photo of Ben 🤤

Spot the 5 differences and comment below along with your name and email. We will then select two correct answers at random who will both win a pair of briefs and a 2022 calendar.

Last entries on Tuesday 15th February 6pm (UK time). Two winners will be picked at random and notified on the same day after 8pm.

Get playing!

How to play

1. Spot all 5 differences 👀

2. Comment below with your answer 👇

3. Don't forget to include your email (don't worry, only we can see this) ✅

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  • Patrick: February 12, 2022

    briefs are a different colour
    superhero cushion
    second picture has extra flower
    small photo bottom right different

  • Guy: February 12, 2022

    Missing cushion
    Extra dog tag
    Brief piping colour
    Extra flower on lamp
    Small poster changed

  • Gary Jake Delamere: February 12, 2022

    1, his briefs are a different colour
    2, superhero cushion in bottom pic
    3, Dogtags
    4, extra flower in the lamp
    5, small photo on the right

  • Jason: February 12, 2022

    underwear different color
    superhero pillow missing
    extra flower in table lamp
    bottom right photo
    necklace different

  • David Carnson: February 12, 2022

    1 His underwear different colour
    2 superhero pillow missing
    3 there is an extra flower in the bunch on the table
    4 A different postcard picture on the wall
    5 Dog-tags on necklace different

  • Allen Kavanaugh: February 12, 2022

    Superman pillow missing in one
    Piping on underwear one blue one white
    Necklace one dog tags the other
    Lamp on one has one more flower thank the other one
    Small postcard on right guy facing forward on one sideways on the other

  • Larry Samuelson: February 12, 2022

    Pillow in 2nd picture not in 1st
    Different style necklace/chain
    Color difference in underwear pattern
    One post card in lower right is different
    Flower arrangement is different,

  • Graham Lewis: February 11, 2022

    1. Superheroes cushion added.
    2. Neckchain different (dog tag).
    3. Colour change on underwear piping.
    4. Photo on the bottom right hand side is different.
    5. Extra lily on the bedside table.

  • Adolfo: February 11, 2022

    1) Different photo on the bottom right hand corner of the photo montage
    2) Trim on underwear is different
    3) Necklace is different
    4) Superhero pillow in the 2nd photo
    5) One less flower in the vase in the first photo

  • Tim: February 11, 2022

    1. Necklace changes to dog tags
    2. Small photo to the left of his head changes
    3. Underwear piping changes to blue
    4. Extra lily in the lamp on the bedside table
    5. Cushion appears on the bed next to him

  • Tavi: February 11, 2022

    Colour underwear
    Cushion on left hand side
    Picture in the right

  • Paul: February 11, 2022

    1. No superhero cushion/cushion
    2. Necklace/dog tags
    3. White underwear piping/blue underwear piping
    4. Postcard under the far right poster are different
    5. Tulip ornament at bottom has an additional flower

  • James : February 11, 2022

    1.his underwear has blue vs. white detailing
    2. 3 flowers vs.2 flowers
    3. Pillow with super hero’s vs. no pillow
    4. Little photo bottom right facing out vs. facing sideways for the pose
    5. Dog tags necklace vs. circle neckles

  • Ian: February 11, 2022

    1. Dog Tag/necklace
    2. Blue/White Trim Briefs
    3. Tulip item by bed has an additional tulip
    4. Addition of Superhero Pillow
    5. Small poster above bed on the right side is different.

  • Tucker: February 11, 2022

    1. Dog Tag/necklace
    2. Blue/White Trim Briefs
    3. Tulip item by bed has an additional tulip
    4. Addition of Superhero Pillow
    5. Small poster above bed on the right side is different.

  • Jon Sheehan: February 11, 2022

    Superhero pillow missing on 2nd pic.
    Different necklace
    Extra flower on lamp
    Different picture on wall
    Different colour trim on underwear

  • Matthew Steele: February 11, 2022

    1. Piping on his underwear from white to blue
    2. His necklace has changed.
    3. Lower right photo on the wall is different
    4. The flowers on flower lamp
    5. Super hero pillow

  • Jee: February 11, 2022

    1 – The necklace is different
    2 – Pillow whit two superheroes
    3 – Thee flowers in steed of two
    4 – The underwear line is blue instead of white
    5 – The postcard size picture close to the phone is different

  • David: February 11, 2022

    1. The piping on the underwear is a different colour.
    2. The bottom right picture
    3. The necklaces are different
    4. There is an extra white flower
    5. The black cushion

  • Jeremy Schaut: February 11, 2022

    Difference are:
    1. Underwear piping is different color
    2. Black pillow
    3. Extra tag on necklace
    4. Black background photo to the right of him
    5. Extra white flower bloom

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