Best underwear for a small package

Posted on May 15 2021

Best underwear for a small package


Like height and waist measurements, we all come in different sizes! If you think you have a small penis, finding advice on the best underwear can be quite tricky. Use our guide below to help find what underwear would work best for your shape.

It may sound silly, but check again. A lot of guys underestimate the size of their penis as they are looking at it from above. Standing in front of a mirror will give you a better indication of your size. If you wanted to measure to see how you compare, use our chart below.


Does having a small penis matter?

If it functions and gives you and others pleasure, then no! Being a mix of different human beings is what makes people interesting. So don't get to hung up on worrying about the size of your manhood.

The real question here is, are you looking for underwear that is suited for your shape or are you wanting underwear to make you look bigger? We explore both options below.

1. Underwear to suit a small package ('Contour')

If increasing the look of your pouch is not your goal, then we recommend going for underwear with a regular contoured pouch. Large pouches are less flattering as their will be excess fabric. Underwear with a slightly curved pouch will give you comfort and definition. Try darker coloured underwear, like navy and black, to show less of an outline if you are worried about people seeing your package size. Modal fabric is excellent for guys with smaller pouches as it stretches to your shape to help avoid that empty pouch look. Remember,  small penis's still need comfort and support so avoid completely flat underwear pouches which would make any man's pouch look flat.

2. Underwear to make a small package look bigger ('Boost')

Wearing underwear that has an inside pouch or pocket works by using your balls to push everything forward to give the look of a bigger pouch. You place your balls and cock in the inside pocket which acts like a hand lifting and thrusting what you naturally have forward. If you prefer underwear without an inside pocket, look for underwear that has a U shaped pouch as this will still help to lift but without the extra boost of a pouch.

Padding is another option, but this can give a false look and can feel hot and be uncomfortable to wear as it will move about.

Tip: Modal fabric is not only super soft, but also stretches to your shape to help prevent that 'empty pouch' look. Modal also creates a more smooth, wrinkle free look.

  • choose underwear with a U shaped pouch to create shape
  • choose underwear with an inside pocket if you need extra help
  • choose darker colours which show less of an outline
  • choose styles which you feel comfortable and confident in
  • choose modal fabric for a smoother looking pouch
  • avoid padded styles which can look unnatural and feel uncomfortable
  • avoid pouches which are large pouches which creates an 'empty look'

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  • Stephen McQuitty: November 21, 2023

    I have a very Iam 1 inch short penis and small balls I have a hard time finding under to fit what would your bet way to help

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