Best Men's Enhancing Underwear Guide

Posted on March 04 2020

Best Men's Enhancing Underwear Guide


5 types of Enhancing Underwear

It's not just a choice between enhancing or non-enhancing underwear, men's enhancing underwear is a sub-category in itself! See the pro's and con's below.

Slings, Cock-rings and c-rings work by bundling your cock and balls together, forcing them to stick out.

Pro's: instant, noticeable bulge

Con's: painful, unnatural looking

Verdict: best for limited wear

Padded is a cheats way to producing an instant bulge by using foam or gel filled cups placed in the pouch.

Pro's: great for those without much to show or those who want a rounded look

Con's: slightly cheating to get the results

Verdict: a perfect solution if you want an instant rounded look to your pouch

The fabric is contoured to create a comfortable lift and 'push out' effect.

Pro's: comfortable to wear all day, universal results

Con's: not as extreme as a pocket or tube pouch

Verdict: great results, all-day wear, for all body types

See Curbwear Classic Enhancing Pouch Underwear >

The user puts their cock and balls into a pouch that acts like a hand to lift everything forward.

Pro's: universal lift effect

Con's: can feel tight and restricting

Verdict: great results but badly designed pouches will hurt after a few hours wear.

See Curbwear "Double Lift" Enhancing Underwear >>

The design is like a second skin modelled closely to a man's anatomy.

Pro's: a comfortable way to produce a more extreme enhancement

Con's: results dependant on the individual wearer's ball and cock size 

Verdict: cock-ring effect without the pain, best for larger boys


Need more help? See our guide below for finding the best underwear to suit your size.

Mr Average or large down there? See our guide on choosing the right pouch for your size >

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