Model's Secrets

Posted on October 04 2023

Model's Secrets


Want to know a secret? Join us, as we give you a little insight into things you may not know about some of your favourite Curbwear models.

1. Tobi

Did you know Tobi was a reality TV star? Tobi starred in the UK TV show The Magaluf Weekender (link opens in YouTube) 📺. He modelled for us on three shoots, bringing his huge personality on set (and other things) and was one of our most popular models. Enjoy these pics from his last shoot.


2. Oli

Ok, get ready for this. By day, Oli is a plumber. That's right, if you suddenly sprang a leak you could expect Oli to turn up on your door complete with his big tool-bag. That's enough to make us spring a leak! 💦


3. Jacob

Look closely at the tattoo. It's a lizard, but why? Jacob had earned the nickname 'lizard', as lizards can move their eyes in two different directions, so he decided to embrace his lazy eye with this rather cool looking tattoo! 🦎

Want to know another secret? Jacob plays rugby for his local team in Rye, East Sussex and recently completed a naked calendar shoot, see his bum pic below! 📆

4. Ben

Those handsome features and perfect body made Ben and Curb synonymous. But did you know, by day, those hands work as a builder? Time to book Ben for some extension work in my back area!

5. Joseph

With his tall, lean body this one isn't really a secret, as it's pretty obvious Joseph works as a personal trainer and also a basketball player. Fancy playing ball with Joseph? 🏀

6. Sean

If you're out and about, you may already know this one. At nights, Sean is a gogo dancer, working across London, wearing some amazing outfits, like this one below.

First pic by @shotsbyaimee_ via Sean's insta




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