Best Bits from 2017

Posted on December 21 2017

Best Bits from 2017

Join us as we look back month-by-month at some our best bits from 2017.


Our resident photographer, Darren Black, was straight back into work at the beginning of the year and shot these hot pics of model Ben Westland for SKEW Magazine. 


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Yep, we did! We zoomed in for 8 unapologetic cropped crotch shots. Well, everyone needs cheering up in February! 

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We had a sample request from Drew at DQ Fotography, who came back with these great shots. Model Brett proved very popular.

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As Brett proved so popular, photographer Drew did some new shots for us, including the wet-white-brief shot which was our most popular tweet of 2017.

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If you're moving about on an underwear shoot, there will be wiggles. And we're here to capture it for you. This was our most watched video of 2017. I wonder why? ;)


Illustrator Luke Thornhill completed some work for us earlier in the year and I caught up with him to talk about his work and favourite choice in undies.

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We searched #curbwear to bring you all the Curbwear selfies in one place. It proved so popular, we ran a selfie competition, which was won by Alex



Joe Phillips completed his newest drawing, exclusive to Curbwear of this bucky Cavalier who we simply re-named as 'Hero'

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A Curbwear shoot is not complete unless some type of food or drink is included! We released a new video mix of Ben, Tobi and Henry playing with food in their undies.


The best of London's theatreland came out in force to strip for the West End Bares charity. Curbwear sponsored the mens underwear for these hot London lads.

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Photographer Karl Slater released new shots of his model / partner wearing the popular Crown Jock. We gathered all his shots for this special Crown gallery post.

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Our last post for 2017, we released more shots of our official new Curbwear model James who completed his first ever shoot with us.

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Enjoy 2018 and thank you for your support in 2017!

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