Curb 7: Re-visiting 2013

Posted on May 18 2020

Curb 7: Re-visiting 2013

To celebrate 7 years of Curbwear, we are sharing pics and stories from each year, starting off at the beginning, 2013.

1st Shoot, May 2013

The first collection consisted of a hooded vest, two shorts and eight pairs of underwear. Model Ben was spotted in Brighton, where he lives, and at that time, worked as a builder. Darren Black was the photographer and we also did some filming but this footage remains lost!


Getting naked in public, July 2013

Ben was back in front of the camera and also the public! For the next collection, we released the now iconic Identity range. We shot the range on the London Underground using the tube carriage as the changing room. The range was an instant success being picked up by the Huffington Post, Gay Times and other media.

Here is what our website looked like in 2013 🤓

Bonus Pics!




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