Curb 7: Re-visiting 2014

Posted on May 19 2020

Curb 7: Re-visiting 2014


To celebrate 7 years of Curbwear, we are sharing pics and stories from each year. 2014 was our 2nd year and saw 4 photo shoots including the introduction of Tobi.

Ben, January 2014

A new style, the Chelsea brief, was launched, which we decided to shoot in a lift (elevator). The idea behind the shoot was Ben enters the lift, spots the security camera and performs a strip for the security person watching the camera. During the shoot, the lift doors shut, with just Ben, and arrived back up with other office workers from the building!

Tobi, May 2014

This shoot very nearly never happened. I forgot to specify a time to the photographer and model, Tobi! We all arrived at various time and that day Tobi was flying out on holiday so we had just under 1 hour to get the shoot complete. Tobi's energy meant this was possible! In the last shots, you can see the sweat from his hard work!

Ben, June 2014

Not long after Tobi studio was in the studio, Ben was back to shoot the same product as Tobi. The different personalities of both boys, really showed through. Especially with the Green Hulk glove shot (compare Tobi with Ben).

Ben, November 2014

For this shoot we wanted to do something big and what could be bigger than a London Bus?! One of my favourite shoots, the bus drove around London's iconic sights creating some iconic shots. The photographer Darren Black captured Ben as he was going up the curved bus stairs to create one of my favourite photos.

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