Curb 7: Re-visiting 2015

Posted on May 20 2020

Curb 7: Re-visiting 2015

To celebrate 7 years of Curbwear, we are sharing pics and stories from each year. 2015 was our 3rd year and we got to have a taxi ride with Ben.

Hello Henry 👋🏼 March

We opened 2015 with new styles and a new model, Henry. Not from a modelling background, Henry was the perfect model for his first shoot, creating an electric shot with a bottle of beer!

Kissing Heroes, September

From a simple drawing, illustrator Joe Phillips created the iconic kissing heroes drawing. Did you notice Mr Top is pinching Mr Bottom's nipple? 😉

Ben's Back, November

Ben's back. Having done the London Underground, a Double and a Decker bus, his next shoot had to be in a London Cab. During the shoot, the police came over to ask what was going on. After explaining we were completing a photo shoot, they said 'carry on, but keep him warm!'

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