What does a thong feel like?

Posted on June 05 2020

What does a thong feel like?


We answer all your question you might have about wearing a thong.

What is a thong?

In short, it's a pouch with a string going underneath and between your bum cheeks.

How do you wear a thong?

Put your legs either side of the string and pull up to your waist, going a little further up then you would with a brief. Adjust yourself comfortably into the pouch. A good quality thong won't require adjusting at the back, as the string is staggered in width to fit comfortably without moving around during wear.

Are thongs comfortable to wear all day?

We all have a favourite style, some guys wear only briefs and some just trunks. I'm a brief guy, so was curious to try a thong. The first thing you notice is the string between the cheeks. It isn't uncomfortable, just a new sensation. Think of the leg binding on a brief or a trunk, it's there but you forget about it. The best part of the thong is the feeling of wearing nothing but just a pouch! I found the thong very comfortable to wear, even all day.

Does the strap bit rub your bumhole?

Weirdly, you can feel it but it doesn't rub or feel uncomfortable. During my testing, I also didn't need to adjust it, it just remained comfortably in place. If you wear a brief or trunk you are aware of the binding on the leg, but it doesn't bother you. With a thong, once you get use to the sensation of wearing something between your cheeks you soon forget it's there.

Will the string part pull on the pouch?

The Curbwear Thong pouch shape is cupped with the string part connected. This means it won't pull on the pouch. In fact, we shaped the pouch to give you a noticeable bulge.

Are thongs popular?

Very! They look great, and are free from any leg or bum fabric allowing more movement versus a brief or trunk. Also, being minimal in design, they are perfect for those living in hot climates. It's easy to see why thongs have a cult following. 

The Curbwear Thong has become one of our fastest selling new items and also one of our most requested item.

What's the difference between a thong, tanga and a jock?

Essentially all three styles are pouch focused underwear styles with little or no leg fabric covering.

Thong - pouch with a string worn between the butt cheeks

Tanga - pouch with fabric covering the butt cheeks but not the front legs

Jock - pouch with connecting straps that sit underneath the butt cheeks

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