Cool underwear in hot weather

Posted on August 13 2020

Cool underwear in hot weather


Did you know your privates are one of the hottest parts on the human body?! If you're experiencing a heatwave, or you live in a warm climate, you will want to keep your bits fresh, cool and comfortable. See our tips below on how to keep cool, in your underwear, when the heat is on.


1. Cool Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and feels comfortable against the skin. Cotton will absorb heat and sweat keeping you cool compared to polyester, which does not 'breath'. Polyester is a synthetic fibre and traps in heat and moisture. You can also feel cool in cotton rich modal fabric, which is super stretchy for added comfort.

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2. Try a Jock

With minimal fabric and a pouch that cups (preventing your bits from resting against your inner thigh), this really will help keep you cool! The straps will also lift your butt cheeks helping to prevent that skin on skin sweaty stick.

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3. Keep your bits away from your legs

Not quite ready for a jock? Try underwear that features an enhancing pouch. By keeping your cock and balls comfortably lifted away from resting against your inner thigh, this will help avoid irritation and the need to re-adjust. Skin rubbing against skin, that is sweaty, is a sure way to encourage irritation and discomfort. And the added bonus of wearing a "U" shaped pouch is, you're keeping cool and have a bigger looking bulge!

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4. Try a powder

No, we're not talking about getting off your face so you don't remember the heat, we're talking about Athlete powders which can also help with irritation and any heat induced odours.


5. Change daily, twice

You're already changing your underwear daily (right?!), but when it's hot, refresh by changing into a second pair around mid afternoon. Like cleaning your teeth, a fresh pair of undies can really make you feel fresh again when the heat is on! 


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...or if you can, just go naked! 😆


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