8 favourite pics and the story behind them

Posted on August 28 2020

8 favourite pics and the story behind them


From a double decker bus to a London rooftop, completing a Curbwear photoshoot is always great fun! In this blog post we take a look at 8 of our favourite shots and the story behind them 📸


1. From Mr Cheeky to Mr Dom

We first shot Tobi in 2014 and twice again in 2016. The first two shoots were themed around Tobi's boundless energy and cheekinesss. That was all about to change when we shot our first mesh jock and our new ID X, Dominant and Submissive, range. Tobi really got into character as you can see from the pic below.

2. Ben's Big Bus Journey

This shot was taken just as Ben was going upstairs to change into the next pair of underwear. The curve of the stairs and Ben's own curves produced this iconic shot.

3. Shooting Sean

Non-stop smiling and laughing throughout this shoot! Shot in South London on a residential street and a roof top garden, this was Sean's first shoot for Curbwear. Just how many poses can you do on a bike?!

4. Max-imum 

Possibly our most chilled shoot, local boy Max was shot at Rye Harbour and in the circa 1400 Mermaid Inn at Rye, East Sussex. Maybe it was 'first shoot adrenaline' or the 2 girls who stopped to watch that produced this impressive photo of Max.

5. Going Underground

The early days, 2013. We shot this with passengers around us! You can see the aptly named station 'wood' in the background in this pic.

6. Shooting Myself

Just as lockdown was introduced, we received a delivery of new styles that we had planned to shoot with our photographer and model. Being based in Rye I am fortunate to be near the sea and the beautiful Rye Harbour. The Sunset produced the perfect colours for the Pink undies and the Sunrise the perfect backdrop for the Yellow and new Orange undies. This was also my first time seeing the sunrise!

7. Kissing Heroes

OK, technically not a photo, but this iconic Kissing Heroes was exclusively illustrated by Joe Phillips. When you look closer you can see Mr Top is tweaking Mr Bottoms nipple.

8. All that Glitters

There is always some kind of prop, or food, on a Curbwear shoot and at Christmas there's always a glitter fountain! This is a difficult shot to get right as the glitter comes and goes very quickly plus the natural reaction of the model is to blink when you hear the bang! The excitement on James's face (plus a bit of fear as 3 poppers go off at once) is what makes this pic. PS the photographer finds glitter in the studio for weeks after 😆





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