The Best Men's Underwear with a Pouch that Lifts

Posted on July 14 2021

The Best Men's Underwear with a Pouch that Lifts


Ever wanted to know more about how to enhance the look of your pouch? We answer some of your questions below regarding men's enhancing underwear. If you have a question you'd like us to answer, you can email us at


How can I get my package to look bigger in underwear?

The secret to having a larger looking pouch, is to push what you have naturally 'forward'. This is similar to how a women's uplifting bra would work.

You can 'cheat' by using cupped padded inserts, but this can look unnatural and can be hot and uncomfortable to wear all day. Your bits need to breathe!

I think I have a smaller than average penis. Will enhancing underwear work?

You can check our size guide to see how you measure up. Enhancing underwear, with an inside pocket, works by lifting both your penis and your balls 'forward'. So if you think you have a smaller than average penis, enhancing underwear will still work by using your balls as a way of lifting everything forward.

Is enhancing underwear comfortable to wear?

The key to a comfortable lift, is in the shape of the inside pocket. A 'straight line pocket' will begin to hurt as it doesn't follow your natural shape. A 'U shaped pocket' works by following your natural shape for a more comfortable lift. We have designed our Enhance Pro Ultra Underwear in modalModal is more stretchy than cotton helping to better expand and contract to your individual shape.

More About Curbwear Enhancing Underwear

We have been making underwear since 2012. We only use a 'U shaped pouch' to give you a comfortable boost. Our enhancing underwear is made from either cotton or modal for a soft, natural fit.

Our models are shot without the aid of pads or fluffing.



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Want to know more about men's pouch lifting underwear? Email us or check out our other guides explaining what is enhancing underwear and mens underwear for small to large packages.

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