6 reasons why you should be wearing modal underwear

Posted on July 27 2021

6 reasons why you should be wearing modal underwear


Here at Curbwear, we love modal underwear! Discover 6 reasons why you should be adding modal underwear to your underwear collection.

 1. Natural Fabric 

Modal Fabric is a semi-synthetic fibre, made from natural sources such as plants or wood. Belonging to a group of fabrics known as 'rayon', modal is the higher quality fabric within this group.

 2. Like a Super Cotton 

Modal can be mixed with cotton fibres, producing a super fabric that has the breathability of cotton and the softness and strength of modal. The long fibres and tight weave make modal a very durable product, which is good if your undies are constantly going up and down!

 3. Defines your Pouch 

Modal fabrics drape and hang very well, helping to define the look of your pouch. Modal is also more resistance to wrinkling, giving you a smooth pouch that doesn't look empty in places.

 4. Soft and Silky to touch 

Smooth to touch, with a gentle sheen, modal fabric feels amazing against the skin with it's silk-like resemblance. Comfortable, soft, and lightweight, modal underwear is a pleasure to wear.

 5. Good for hot weather 

Modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton; the micro pockets inside the fabric absorb any water or sweat it comes into contact with. This makes it the perfect fabric for underwear, helping you to stay dry and comfortable whether you're working up a heat exercising or living in a warm climate.

 6. Durable 

Wear resistant and robust, you'll be making a great investment in quality undies that you'll love to wear again and again. Modal fabric is also easy to wash and dries quickly too!

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