Whenever I get new samples, this happens 😜

Posted on July 30 2021

Whenever I get new samples, this happens 😜


Even more exciting than the design process is actually receiving the samples! Typically, I'm normally travelling in Portugal, where we produce all our products and hotels always provide a perfect mini shoot location, as I try out the new styles before they begin bulk production. Our factories are located between Porto and Lisbon, which means I get to see both of these beautiful cities. We also wholesale to stores across the UK and World which is also another perfect opportunity for a quick selfie with the samples in my luggage.

One question I get asked a lot, is do I wear my own brand? Of course! I spend a lot of time making the perfect underwear, sock, short and t-shirt and I love wearing something that goes beyond just branding, but is also a quality product that you and me love to wear. Enjoy my pics!

1. Shot in Portugal, testing out the top-rated Crown Modal Briefs 

2. As above, but in another room in this beautiful Porto apartment 

3. Slightly more clothed, this time in Coimbra, Portugal 

4. At home trying out the White Thong. Excuse the mess as I had just moved! 

5. At my old London home, trying out the Blow Me Brief 

6. Burnt and hot meeting our stores in Gran Canaria! 

7. What to wear when meeting shops stocking Curbwear in Gran Canaria? Head-to-toe Curbwear! 

8. Trying out the Good Boy T-Shirt 

9. Back in Portugal, about to test out these new shorts in the hotel pool 

10. These tiny, bulging jocks were sampled and then given a few changes to make the popular Bulge Jock styles recently released. Shot taken in a steamy hotel bathroom! 

11. Back in London, trying out the inside pocket in our first pouch lifting briefs 

12. One of my favourite styles, these Pink briefs got a test run in Porto, Portugal 

13. Testing this instant hit...the Kissing Heroes T-Shirt 

14. In a very small bathroom in Porto trying out some very small mesh jocks 

Bonus pics! 

Here are 2 pics going back to 2012 testing samples, before our launch in 2013 đŸ˜±

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