A guide to wearing a Jockstrap

Posted on August 09 2023

A guide to wearing a Jockstrap


We answer all your questions you might have about jockstraps.


What is a jockstrap?

Originally designed to offer support and protection during sports such as cycling, cricket and horse riding, a jock is a pouch of fabric with two elastic straps connected at the base that goes up the left and right bum cheeks. Some jocks contain a cup to offer added protection during sports.

Is a jock flattering to wear?

Despite being so minimal, the design of a jock can look great on everyone. The pouch cups your front to give a subtle bulge and the straps that go under your bum, provide some lift and shape to the look of your arse. If you've never tried one before, give it a go!

When and where should you wear a jockstrap?

Anytime! With minimal fabric and a pouch that cups (preventing your bits from resting against your inner thigh), this really will help keep you cool in warmer climates or during sports. The straps will also lift your butt cheeks helping to prevent that skin on skin sweaty stick. They are also perfect to wear in the bedroom.

Why are jocks so sexy?

With minimal fabric and exposed bum cheeks, jocks offer the ultimate sexy style of underwear!

I find jocks pull at the pouch. How can I avoid this?

If you find some jocks uncomfortable to wear, this can be down to two things. Firstly, the pouch may be straight cut without any contour which can leave you feeling flat and squashed. Secondly, take a look at the straps. If they overlap each other on the base join, this can create a pulling sensation which you will feel on the pouch during wear.

We never cross our straps when they join our contoured pouch. It takes longer to produce but provides a much better fit and eliminates pulling. See Curbwear Jocks >

Best fabrics for jocks?

Cotton is king but other fabrics such as modal and mesh should not be completely ruled out.

Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and feels comfortable against the skin.

Modal fabric has the same benefits of cotton but is more stretchy giving a better 'drape'. Modal also feels super soft. Shop modal styles >

Mesh fabric can be used to make transparent jocks for a very sexy, daring look. Look for smooth mesh, otherwise the end result will feel like a cheese grater against your skin! As mesh is delicate, wash it by hand or on a cool wash and never tumble dry. We only use smooth mesh on our mesh underwear styles >

Polyester really is a big no-no. It will leave you feeling hot and scratchy. The only benefit is colours and prints can be more varied with lower quantities as printing onto cotton is an expensive process completed on huge rolls of fabric.

What's the difference between a jock and a jock-brief?

Sport Jock: traditional style jock typically worn for protection during sports, the pouch sometimes includes a cup guard.

Jockstrap: while still being functional, jocks are fashionable and come in different colours and fabrics. Shop Curbwear Jocks > 

Jock-Brief: is it a jock or a brief? Personally, we call it a backless brief as it doesn't have straps it can't really be called a jock! This unique style offers a sexy way to wear a brief if you're not quite ready for a jock.

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