Best men's underwear Briefs

Posted on August 09 2023

Best men's underwear Briefs


We answer all your questions you might have about men's briefs.


What is a brief?

Let's begin with the basics! A brief is a style of underwear that rises up on the leg in contrast to a trunk where the fabric extends down to cover the thighs. Some briefs have a pouch opening shaped like a 'y' which is where the slang for briefs 'y fronts' comes from.

How do you wear a brief?

Shake your briefs first (it helps smooth out the wrinkles and opens up the fabric), then put one leg in first and then the other. A good quality brief will have some form of pouch. Adjust yourself into the pouch so every looks smooth and feels comfortable.

What does 'pouch underwear' mean? And what are the best pouch briefs?

A front part of the underwear that covers your dick is referred to as the pouch.  The best underwear pouch will always have some form of contour (shape). The worst pouch will be completely flat, leaving you squashed, no matter what your dick size. Test your underwear by laying the pouch flat to check how it looks. For a real boost, choose briefs with a 'U' shaped pouch to cup and lift.

What does 'which way do you dress' mean and does it make a difference?

Which way to the dress means how you position your dick inside the underwear pouch. Without meaning to over generalise, in the West the dick is usually positioned ('dressed') downwards. An exception to this is in Spain, Italy and South America where the dick is dressed to the side (left or right). This could be due to the underwear pouch being flat or the guys being bigger down there! In Asia, some guys position their dick upwards. This can be due to hotter climates to avoid balls sticking to the dick.

I have a small / average / large dick. Should I wear briefs?

Yes! Briefs are a universal shape that look great on everyone. The secret for making briefs work for you is to make sure you pick a pouch that fits your dick size. See our guide for more help on choosing the best underwear pouch >

What are enhancing briefs?

In short, enhancing briefs is underwear that has been designed to lift and shape your genitals to give a more exaggerated look to your pouch. Explore the five types of enhancing underwear on this blog post > 

Briefs VS Trunks

An old argument that looks at the pro's and cons of wearing briefs vs trunks. This really comes down to personal choice, but here at Curbwear we have a preference for briefs as they look great, provide support and allow for more movement on the legs!

What is a micro-brief and other types of briefs?

Micro-Brief: also called a bikini brief or mini brief, these are small briefs that rise high up on the legs and have a very narrow elastic providing a minimal, sexy look. Shop this style from Curbwear >

Lo-rise Brief: here at Curbwear we just call this a 'brief' this is basically a brief that is higher cut then traditional huge briefs.

Mid-Brief: huge 1950's style big briefs! On the right person, these can look great, but for most people this style is best avoided.

Boxer Briefs: here at Curbwear we just call this a 'trunk'. Generally, a boxer-brief refers to a hybrid of a boxer and a brief, which is basically a shorter leg trunk.

Best fabric for men's underwear. Cotton, modal or mesh?

Cotton is king but other fabrics such as modal and mesh should not be completely ruled out.

Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and feels comfortable against the skin.

Modal fabric has the same benefits of cotton but is more stretchy giving a better 'drape'. Modal also feels super soft. See our modal styles >

Mesh fabric can be used to make transparent briefs for a very sexy, daring look. Look for smooth mesh, otherwise the end result will feel like a cheese grater against your skin! As mesh is delicate, wash it by hand or on a cool wash and never tumble dry. We only use smooth mesh on our mesh underwear styles >

Polyester really is a big no-no. It will leave you feeling hot and scratchy. The only benefit is colours and prints can be more varied with lower quantities as printing onto cotton is an expensive process completed on huge rolls of fabric.

I love tight briefs. Are they ok to wear?

Tight underwear can look sexy, but it can be restrictive and uncomfortable. If you love wearing tight underwear do it the cheats way. Choose modal fabric (which will drape and stretch) and choose underwear with a high leg cut and very narrow waistband. This will give the look of tight, small briefs without the discomfort of tight briefs.

Is there a standard size in men's underwear?

Ever worn one brand and found it came up smaller than another brand? This can be due to the fabric used and how stretchy it is. Also, cheaper brands can rush production and whizz fabrics through the machines leaving them looking bunched around the elastic which can cause a bad fit. There is no standard size in underwear when it comes to Small, Medium, Large so always look to a brands measurements chart. See Curbwear Size Guide >

And finally. Whats are the best men's underwear brands?

Curbwear 😉

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