What pouch size is best for you?

Posted on August 09 2023

What pouch size is best for you?


Does pouch size matter?

Yes! The size of your underwear goes beyond the measurement of your waist. Choosing the correct pouch design for your junk will improve your underwear experience, giving you a comfortable fit and boosting what you have naturally. 

So, all underwear pouches are different?

Yep. The best underwear pouch will always have some form of contour. The worst pouch will be completely flat, leaving you squashed, no matter what your dick size. Test your underwear by laying the pouch flat to check.

What is the average sized penis?

Most guys underestimate the size of their penis. To see your penis as other people would, look at yourself naked in front of a mirror, rather than looking just looking down. To measure your dick, go from the base to the tip. Most men's penises are around 9cm (3.75") when not erect. The average erect penis size varies from 13cm to 18cm (5" to 7"). 

Best underwear for guys with a small package

It is best to avoid underwear with large pouches if you have a small penis. Wear underwear with a regular contoured pouch to best show off your package. If you would like an extra boost, go for underwear with an inside pocket. This works by using your balls to push everything forward to give the look of a bigger pouch.

Tip: darker coloured underwear, like navy and black, shows less of an outline if you are worried about people seeing your package size.

Underwear for guys with a regular size penis

Being Mr average gives you a great choice in underwear. A regular pouch, which is subtly contoured, will give you the perfect profile. A contoured pouch or underwear with an inside pocket, will give you an extra boost for a bigger look to your pouch. The Super briefs and the Enhancing Range are perfect if you are average to large in dick size.

Tip: The modal enhancing briefs offer exceptional softness and comfort while also delivering a bigger looking boast, thanks to the 'U' shaped pouch.

Underwear for guys with a large package

If you're packing a punch down below, go for a pouch with extra room to really show off what you have. You can still wear a regular pouch, for that tight bulge look, but keep in mind you will be slightly losing out on comfort. Look for underwear with a cupping pouch to lift your penis and balls away from your legs.

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