Men's Underwear Trunks

Posted on August 09 2023

Men's Underwear Trunks


We answer all your questions you might have about men's trunks.


What is a trunk?

A trunk is a fitted style of men's underwear where the fabric extends down to cover the thighs. Some trunks come up shorter on the leg and other 'long leg' trunks extend further down the leg.

So what is the difference between a trunk, hipster, boxer and boxer-brief?

Hipster: is generally just another term for a trunk, which emphasises the fact the fit will be more lo-rise than a traditional trunk.

Boxer: a boxer is a more relaxed fitting trunk where the fabric is loose. Great for wearing in bed. Not so great to wear during the day as it offers no support and can bunch under your trousers.

Boxer-Brief: again, similar to a trunk, a boxer-brief is often called a hybrid between a brief and trunk offering a lower rise cut then a traditional long leg trunk.

Can a trunk have a front pouch?

Absolutely! The benefits of a shaped pouch are not limited just to briefs. In fact a trunk can be constructed to produce many different types of pouches.

What does 'pouch underwear' mean? And what are the best pouch trunks?

A front part of the underwear that covers your dick is referred to as the pouch.  The best underwear pouch will always have some form of contour (shape). The worst pouch will be completely flat, leaving you squashed, no matter what your dick size. Test your underwear by laying the pouch flat to check how it looks.

I have a small / average / large dick. Should I wear trunks?

If you're small or average, trunks will look great on you. If your large or extra large, go for a brief to really show off what you have. Always pick a pouch that fits your dick size. See our guide for more help on choosing the best underwear pouch >

What are enhancing trunks?

In short, enhancing trunks is underwear that has been designed to lift and shape your genitals to give a more exaggerated look to your pouch. Explore the five types of enhancing underwear on this blog post > 

Can trunks 'ride up' your leg?

Yes, trunks tend to move more on your legs versus a brief which benefits from being hi-cut. As you move, trunks will ride up just like if you stretch your legs, you will see the bottom of your jeans rise up. Some trunks have enclosed elastic in the leg binding, which can keep everything in place but might feel slightly tight. Another option is using rubber backing on the leg binding to hold onto the skin, but this can cause irritation if you have hairy legs! If trunks bunching up is a problem, try briefs which avoid this problem.

Finally, what is the best fabric for men's underwear trunks?

Cotton is king but other fabrics such as modal and mesh should not be completely ruled out.

Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and feels comfortable against the skin.

Modal fabric has the same benefits of cotton but is more stretchy giving a better 'drape'. Modal also feels super soft.

Polyester really is a big no-no. It will leave you feeling hot and scratchy. The only benefit is colours and prints can be more varied with lower quantities as printing onto cotton is an expensive process completed on huge rolls of fabric.

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